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L-R Back row: Hope (Summer Fontana), Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), Freya (Riley Voelkel), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic). Front row: Niklaus (Joseph Morgan) and Rebekah (Claire Holt).

All good things come to an end…even when thousands of fans cry, kick, scream and pound their fists (aka hashtags) against the entertainment industry. Another favorite TV show is about to see its series finale, but at least they’re going out in their prime and not after they’ve sucked the life essence out of their ratings. Yes, that was a vampire pun, you may laugh now.


L-R: Camille (Leah Pipes), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), Klaus (Jospeh Morgan), Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), Davina (Danielle Campbell) and Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood)

But what does that mean for my new-found favorite actors and actresses? The absolute worst part about seeing a popular TV show come to an end, is that 9 times out of 10, those actors slip into oblivion and we never hear from them again. Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt were already stars in both Australia (think mermaids) and America (think the L.J. Smith book-turned-show that completely tanked), but what about the rest of the cast?


Charles Michael Davis as


Marcellus “Marcel” Gerard

Charles Michael Davis–in my blunt opinion–should be a household name for coming on screen and owning it time and time again. He also made his directing debut during Season 4, so maybe he’ll be spending more time behind a camera, rather than in front one? (That would be a crying shame!) Unfortunately, this super sexy actor doesn’t even have a single social media account, so I can’t stalk…er…follow him to find out what he has in store next!


Joseph Morgan played…wait for it…a total backstabbing douche in the movie The Immortals with Luke Evans and Mickey Rourke, so that’s not really showing he has much range as an actor. But in The Originals, Klaus was hands-down the most complex character on the show, so I really hope that’s gotten Joseph noticed. And while Daniel Gillies is just as talented, I personally think he needs to take a little break from acting and become my personal book cover model, because the man is the walking epitome of suit-porn. Just sayin’.

I also want to note here that even though accents are supposed to be like acting 101 basics, I still think the native Aussie, Phoebe Tonkin, should be highly commended for her ability to pull off an extremely convincing American accent. Yes, I know she managed it just fine as Faye Chamberlain in The Secret Circle, but on The Originals, she was surrounded by Brits and Aussies who didn’t have to give up their native accents whatsoever. That had to have taken a lot of focus.


The Originals series pioneered the way for spin-off shows in a way no other show had ever done before on the CW (possibly any network?) – it was a MASSIVE success. I fell in love with the villainous, Viking era original vampires, the Mikaelsons, when they were in Mystic Falls causing all kinds of mayhem on The Vampire Diaries. Klaus quickly became that evil bastard you loved to hate and hated to love, but couldn’t get enough of either way. He made Damon Salvatore look like a puppy dog and when they all left the show, VD started a rapid decline.

Le Grand Guignol

Then, the Mikaelson family got their own show, and headed south to reclaim their long-lost home in NOLA, and we got introduced to a whole new cast of characters to fall head-over-heels for, or hate, or mourn…it’s a supernatural TV show, not everyone lives…or can be killed…or stays dead – you get the point! (Ha! Get it? Point. This is too easy.)

Reigning Pain in New Orleans

I don’t know about any of the other fans, but The Originals quickly surpassed their parent show, TVD, by a landslide and I found myself preferring the spin-off over…well, the original. Hey, I didn’t name the show, some puns can’t be avoided. It was darker, dirtier, sexier and deeper in an emotional way that didn’t have you rolling your eyes and groaning “OMG is she crying again?” (VD fans, you know who I’m talking about). Bloody, gory, seductive and full of ancient magic, obscure lore, witches, vampires, wolves and hybrids – all amplified by the unmistakable atmosphere of New Orleans.

The Originals also got a reputation for the unexpected shock, the one that leaves the audience staring at the screen with jaws dropped and a “WTF just happened?!” look on their faces. Mostly, because it doesn’t always happen during the ‘final’ episode of the season when people actually expect to get a little surprise.

Yes, I know, Game of Thrones still gets the iron crown for its unparalleled shocking episodes, but the audience expects it now, so it’s not really that shocking to get shocked by GoT anymore. If fans were smart, they stopped routing for anyone after the first season, anyway!


And so I conclude this partial tantrum, mostly tribute to yet another series I will stomp my feet and pout about losing so much that I won’t even watch the last season until it shows up on Netflix, so I can delay the inevitable. At least I still have the Neverending Story…aka Supernatural. And Lucifer. Oh, yeah, I love me some Lucifer. 😉

Stop judging and watch the trailer…. O_o … Wait, the trailer is full of spoilers, so if you’re a newbie to TO, skip the trailer and go watch the show. Seriously, what’s the hold up?

Are you a fan of The Originals? Who is or was your favorite character? I can’t pick a favorite. I’m going to miss them all.

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Isn’t that the exact thing Hermione Granger howled in order to save Harry from the wolf version of Professor Lupin?  I mean, honestly, his name should have given him away, not Snape’s insistence on learning about the dangerous creatures.  Anyway, can you tell that my kids and I have been having a Harry Potter movie marathon for the last week or so???  That obvious, huh?

The Daily Prompt is asking:

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg

Do you follow Ginsberg’s advice — in your writing and/or in your everyday life?

When I first approach writing, particularly a new idea, the answer is yes.  I just let it all flow out onto the virtual paper without direction.  I think I may have already mentioned that I’m a complete pantser not a planner.  My hands are led by the characters, my fingers driven by that overwhelming fervor of excitement when those ideas are first forming and coming to life right before my eyes.  Often, I won’t sleep, I’ll forget to eat and will have an all-consuming need to get the developing story out as quickly as possible.

I’m afraid I’ll lose it, you see.  That if I don’t tell my word document about it as fast as possible, the greatest, most enticing details of those new moments will be lost forever, as fleeting as a fantastical dream.  I’ll even keep a notebook about, so that in those instances when I have to leave my precious laptop behind, I won’t have to stop purging the words.  The words that seem to expand, take root, multiply with every one scribbled down onto the paper.

And then, just as abruptly as it began, it ends.  My creativity dissipates; dries up like a date squeezed of all its juices.  My seemingly supernatural powers give way to that mundane mortal dwelling inside and I am like the werewolf when the Full Moon’s cycle begins to wane, leaving them powerless and weak, until the next jolt of creativity begins.  New energy waxing.


In my every day life, I’m a bit more conservative.  I’m quite open and talkative with those who are close to me, who know me and have just as much fun flaunting their madness with like-minded individuals as I do… but strangers are typically unaware.  As an introvert, being loud, boisterous and otherwise deliberately drawing attention to myself goes so far against my grain, it’s agonizing.  In my experience, those who tend to be the loudest do not always manage it with much class or appeal.  Yet, there are some who are just vibrant and alluring; and I secretly envy them, while the very thought gives me anxiety.  When I get to know you, though, look out… there is no stopping the craziness! There is no dam strong enough to stem the sarcasm that is my first and most fluent language of choice.  But, at least you’ll get a laugh or two out of it.  😉

Thank You for Sucking the Life Out of My Tomatoes!


The first ‘vampire’ novel I ever read was the children’s book Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe.  If you’ve never heard of it – or had children who read it – the story is told by a dog, who suspects that the new family pet is a vampire.  The evidence seems to support his suspicions when, each morning, an innocent ‘veggie-victim’ is found with all of its juices and color drained and two peculiar puncture marks left behind.

I mention this memory, because it was the innocent start to what would end up being a constant and sordid companion on my life’s journey.  Bunnicula was the first in a long, sinuous string of vampire novels: L.J. Smith and Anne Rice provided a fix for everything supernatural.  Anno Dracula by Kim Newman will always be one of my favorites and thanks to Francis Ford Coppola’s contribution to my addiction, I also spent time poring over the actual history of the fifteenth century Wallachian Prince, Vlad Tepes.  He was far, far more badass than any ‘vampire’ of story.

I was also the only 14 year old who knew what Porphyria was.  Well, except for maybe Doogie Howser.

It’s no big shocker then, to confess that I have a huge pile of supernatural novels in the works, or finished – or just scribbled out to get to later – and yes, 99.98% of them have something to do with vampires.  I’m not ashamed of this – or, at least, I wasn’t until I was discussing a short story I wanted to submit to a magazine with my ‘Editor In Chief,’ (You know who you are), who decided to point out that what was once synonymous with horror; conjuring blood-chilling fright, breath-stealing nightmares and visions of haunted, creepy castles, was now only synonymous with emo-crazed teens.  Wtf?  When the hell did that happen?

Ooooh… right.  It was that movie, that led to that TV show, that later led to that spin-off show and then before you know it, THAT friggin’ YA series is published and a WHOLE new standard for what the curse of the ‘vampire’ should mean is set in sparkling stone rather than lichen covered, blood drenched granite!  The world goes insane and before long, every publisher is bleeding new vampire and werewolf stories from every vein.

Alas, the faddish element of the genre bleeds out, growing weaker and weaker…leaving me with a whole slew of vampire and werewolf stories that I no longer feel as confident about.  I could vow that I started writing some of them long before the vampire went Disney.  That I wasn’t inspired by the craze (or even the Underworld films, which would be a closer comparison.)  I could even go as far as saying, “But, mine are different!  They’re not the same as ANY other vampire novels out there!” and it falls on editorial ears already numbed by a million writers who made that same proclamation before me.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a rant over other people’s successes, or a pity-party because I was late for that ship – I’m glad it’s sailed.  It will come around again, that at least seems a regular ebb and flow in this industry.  It is, however, an acknowledgment that for the first time in my creative journey, an outside source has caused me to take pause over my own work.  It’s a statement that I’m now torn between rehashing the whole species type listed on my character’s bios and screaming in utter defiance that “I WILL NOT STOP WRITING ABOUT THE THINGS I LOVE MOST!”

So, it is with this half-pouting, half-determined stance that I salute all of the muses with a select couple of fingers and say: “Thanks!  Thanks a-frickin-lot for sucking all of the life out of my inspiration tomatoes, you creative vamps!”