#SongLyricSunday ♪ “Supernatural” by Flyleaf

Yay, it’s Sunday! 🙂 Today, we’re going to be tackling the Christmas decorating. To many, that might seem like a late start, but as much as I love the holidays, I don’t like overlapping them and try to keep them in their respective seasons. Thus, this being the first weekend of December, the month belongingContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♪ “Supernatural” by Flyleaf”

Winters Deep

(an Ode to Yule) Dry the berries and pop the corn There’s boughs of Pine hung to adorn In darkening days and snow felled form Melted candles and hearths doth warm The harvest is stored and meat be cured Our long laboring days have granted award Of Holiday so loving and blessedly shared We forgiveContinue reading “Winters Deep”

Trudging Forward

When all I feel like doing is hibernating… One of the downfalls to this time of year.  Thanks to the end of Daylight’s saving, it always feels later than it really is and the mama bear in me just wants to cozy on down with the kiddos and not budge until Spring.  Unfortunately, that’s notContinue reading “Trudging Forward”

The Oddest Gift

Killian pulled the trigger and waited. Watched the Mountain Lion sway and then drop into the blood-stained snow. Winter smothered the world as far as the eye could see. An occasional “Swoosh” broke the silence when an evergreen bough grew too burdened and dropped its sleeve of snow. The Cougar’s adrenaline-inducing laments had cleared theContinue reading “The Oddest Gift”