To My Beloved Characters Redux+

To My Beloved Characters, Know this… I hold the pen.  I will have you offed.  It will hurt like hell.  It will be bloody and long.  It will incorporate all of your worst fears and darkest nightmares, because I know what they are.  I am the Overlord of your Darkside, you little twit, so stopContinue reading “To My Beloved Characters Redux+”

Lost Signal

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt feels like a recurring theme for me lately, so I’ve decided to break the questions apart in order to inspect them each as personally and honestly as I can: Have you ever had extended writers’ block? What writer hasn’t?  Okay, I know that’s not making it personal.  So, the answer is yes. Continue reading “Lost Signal”

Still Waiting To Start Over…

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, but I don’t feel like doing Triple Lyric Tuesday today.  New ideas to keep my blog interesting and interactive are constantly keeping me up at night, but to be honest, it seems the only way to get a ton of comments and/or followers is to write about those topics thatContinue reading “Still Waiting To Start Over…”

Anyone Else? Anyone?

Am I the only one who goes through phases?  One minute you can’t seem to get all of the ideas out of your brain fast enough and the next, you’re staring at the screen, drooling on yourself?  It’s not “writer’s block” per se, just kind of a glitch in the ol’ motherboard. My progress hasContinue reading “Anyone Else? Anyone?”