Dragons: How to Train Your Human

Like the title? Two purposes, 1: no getting sued by DreamWorks and 2: It really turns out to be this way.  I know, what is she going on about? Allow me to explain… Some of you already know that my long absence has been due to what I thought was Tendinitis in both my hands.Continue reading “Dragons: How to Train Your Human”

Behind the Scenes

In less than a month, I’ll be celebrating the launch of Avarice Unforgiving. This second installment in the Hell on Earth Series will pick up exactly where Avarice left off and delve deeper into the tangled predicaments my MC, Kami has found herself in…or gotten herself into! I thought it would be kind of funContinue reading “Behind the Scenes”

Five Years From Now

I recently came across an active thread on Goodreads from an Indie author who’s freaking out about their earlier works. Perhaps you’ve already seen it? Something about hating their books. That phrase really jars me, but don’t worry, this isn’t a (total) rant. Actually, I’m very grateful for the thread, because when you come acrossContinue reading “Five Years From Now”