Life and Other Upcoming Events

Do you ever feel like your entire life gets put on hold while you’re cramming away in your writing cave, trying to meet deadlines? Bwahaha–just kidding–we LOVE being in our writing caves! But, I am looking forward to having more free time so I can get back to blogging and socializing with all my blogosphereContinue reading “Life and Other Upcoming Events”

Coming Up For Coffee

Yes, more coffee… I don’t need more air, I’m long-winded as it is – or maybe it’s opinionated? Either way, I’m still here, just been heck’a busy in all of the best ways. I started a new job, getting kids ready for school and most importantly have been hibernating in the writing cave in between.Continue reading “Coming Up For Coffee”

Greedy Little Bastard

  That’s what you’ve reduced me to I’m gobbling up days, hoarding time I’m closed off in my cave, Do Not Disturb No calls, Caffeine Drip I’m inching closer to the escape hatch One critically constructed convergence at a time You can’t keep me, but I’ve got you chained to the screen It’s not you,Continue reading “Greedy Little Bastard”