#WeeklyWritables ♥ Word Reveal


It’s time to reveal the word for this week’s #WeeklyWritables!

I’m on a mission this week to keep my Thursday’s submission much shorter than I’ve been doing so far. Last week’s results took me deep into my old ‘story idea’ archives and churned out a much longer excerpt than I’d been planning for, but I suppose finding inspiration and motivation to write is the whole idea of this challenge! 😀 For those interested in how it works, here are the guidelines again, followed by a screenshot of the random word.

Every Tuesday morning I will post a random word and anyone who’d like to join in will have until Thursday to publish their work.

The rules are simple:

  1. Your post must contain the random word at least once (using it for your pingback is probably the most familiar practice for anyone who’s ever done the Daily Prompts)
  2. Short stories, flash fiction, poems, WIP excerpts, and real life experiences are welcome
  3. Please no song lyrics, unless you wrote them yourself – there are already so many music challenges out there, I’d really like this one to be all about creative writing

That’s it! There are no restrictions on length, you can make it as long or short as you want, this is all about feeding your creative energy! Feel free to grab the badge/banner above for your posts, if you’d like. And if you do participate please don’t forget to leave a pingback so I can find your post and read it. I don’t expect this to be an overnight success, but do hope you’ll join in if/when you can!

p.s. Your feedback is more than welcome! If you’d like to join this challenge, but don’t feel the time-limit is long or short enough, I’d love to hear your input!

The #WeeklyWritables word for Thursday is: Frightening


Anyone Else? Anyone?


image: riskplaycreate.wordpress.com

Am I the only one who goes through phases?  One minute you can’t seem to get all of the ideas out of your brain fast enough and the next, you’re staring at the screen, drooling on yourself?  It’s not “writer’s block” per se, just kind of a glitch in the ol’ motherboard.

My progress has always been controlled by whether or not my creativity switch is working properly.  If you haven’t guessed, I’m at a total loss as to what I should blog about today.  I’ve been cruising around reading everyone else’s blogs trying to find some iota of inspiration (not that my fellow bloggers aren’t inspiring) yet my brain is stuck on “Nah, not feelin’ it today” mode.

It’s more of a commenting kind of day – which works, since most days I hardly have time to put up my own post, let alone view others – and I end up missing some really great stuff.  I’m still working on my Character Bio’s, but this has also hampered the forward movement of the story, itself.  Doing bios isn’t writing the book – or in this case – successfully merging two different storylines into one big Bestseller! (Hey, I’m optimistic!)

Writing is bad enough, but my artwork is also suffering.  I haven’t switched my About.me background in weeks and I think the villagers are starting to sharpen their pitchforks.

*Big sigh, lifts coffee cup* Here’s hoping tomorrow brings about a little more creativity than I’m getting today.  Or at least some daily prompts that I can work with.