Dear Indie | Kindle Vella, Anyone?

Hi Indies! I normally don’t jump on new trends—still not on TikTok or BookTok despite the rave reviews. I’m just lazy as sh*t when it comes to apps and social media, and especially social media apps. 😉 But I have to admit that I just started publishing my first serial on Kindle Vella to giveContinue reading “Dear Indie | Kindle Vella, Anyone?”

A Day With My Muse

As I’m watching the calendar zip toward the end of the year, I’m really feeling the pressure, and all of my 2019 goals slip right through my fingers. It’s not that I haven’t been writing, I’ve just been writing everything except the books I had planned to finish before the end of the year. DisciplineContinue reading “A Day With My Muse”

Going Forward to Look Behind

Daily Press asked us today what kind of progress we would like to see with our blogs a year from now.  So, I hopped into my time machine… Remember, I wield the Time Traveler superpowers… and I zipped through the multidimensional plains to January 2, 2015, looked back and… scrunched up my face in distaste. Continue reading “Going Forward to Look Behind”


He-he… Okay, that was a naughty play on words, but sex isn’t the only thing that brings you that feeling of utter relaxation and mindless bliss.  Sometimes, it’s just the release of all the stress and frantic running that grinds us down during the holidays, making the day after feel so….ahhhhhhhh.  There’s no more rushing,Continue reading “Afterglow”

Those Little Things (A Rant)

Yes, this is a bit of a rant.  The title was meant to forewarn those who may offend easily, because there’s simply no way to say what I have to say without possibly sounding like a total snob.  So, here goes nothing: Knock it off.  It’s bad enough that we can barely read the newsContinue reading “Those Little Things (A Rant)”

Can’t Let Go

Alright, NaBloPoMo, you wanted More/Less… here’s a problem I have.  I accumulate documents.  Look, when I first started writing in my teens, Bill Gates hadn’t done jack to help me, yet.  The only thing I had to use was a notebook and a pen.  A couple of years into it, my dad got a BrotherContinue reading “Can’t Let Go”

Then the Panic Sets In…

Ever since I was given the go-ahead to mention my upcoming novel here on my blog, I’ve been combating this timid anxiety trying to creep its way into my brain.  “Relax,” I tell myself.  “It’s still a year away” – give or take.  It’s not about that novel, though.  It’s about what comes next. TheContinue reading “Then the Panic Sets In…”