Private by Xavier Neal ♥ Blog Tour

      Mogul or Monster? Billionaire Weston Wilcox hasn’t seen by the outside world in almost a decade. No face to face meetings. No interviews. No social media accounts. Despite his ghost demeanor he continues to financially flourish and make his fellow investors richer with every decision. Throughout the years many have sought toContinue reading “Private by Xavier Neal ♥ Blog Tour”

Blog Tour ♥ Just Out of Reach by: Xavier Neal!

IT’S LIVE!!   There isn’t much Theo Convington wants but can’t have. His charms and green eyes have gotten him everything, from an easy job to his choice of easy women, and that’s exactly how he prefers to live his life. Easy. However, when one wrong decision lands him on house arrest, he’s forced toContinue reading “Blog Tour ♥ Just Out of Reach by: Xavier Neal!”

Release Day Boost ♥ BLIND by: Xavier Neal!

  Release Boost     Aside from being blind to the fact his best friend, Maxx Hughes, is madly in love with him, Logan ‘Unbreakable’ Kellar has it made. He’s the best amateur fighter at TKO, has a buffet line of women desperate to be taken by him, and three friends that are his family.Continue reading “Release Day Boost ♥ BLIND by: Xavier Neal!”

Blog Tour ♥ Already Written by: Xavier Neal!

      When clumsy romance writer, Minka Knight, is asked out on a date by Pierce Wyatt, famous T.V. star, she finds herself in the all too familiar story line where opposites attract. Between their different lifestyles, crazy schedules, and unpredictable meddling friends, being together doesn’t seem like the right option. However, as theContinue reading “Blog Tour ♥ Already Written by: Xavier Neal!”