#SongLyricSunday | Call Out My Name – The Weeknd

#SLS is hosted by Jim over at A Unique Title For Me. Make sure to click the theme link below to pop over and check out all of the other song picks for today. This week’s theme is: Come|Go|Leave|Stay I don’t know what it is about The Weeknd that I like so much. It’s probablyContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday | Call Out My Name – The Weeknd”

#SongLyricSunday ♫ “By The Way” – Theory of a Deadman

After being gone for so many weeks from the realm of social media, it feels good to be getting back (slowly, but surely) in the saddle. What better way to “Whattup, bitches!” than with a music challenge? Btw, that sentence is only cool-point effective if you channel Charlie from Supernatural, otherwise it might just beContinue reading “#SongLyricSunday ♫ “By The Way” – Theory of a Deadman”

Penny Dreadful

In Victorian London, the term “penny dreadful” was used as derogatory slang for all the horror stories that were published as weekly serials and cost…yep, 1 penny. People love the Victorian era, we even have an entire Steampunk culture dedicated to it. But romanticism aside, coal pollution, consumption and corsets weren’t the only things suffocatingContinue reading “Penny Dreadful”


Breath by Breaking Benjamin I see nothing in your eyes, and the more I see the less I like. Is it over yet, in my head? I know nothing of your kind, and I won’t reveal your evil mind. Is it over yet? I can’t win. So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what’s left.Continue reading “#MusicMonday”


Contagious by Trapt I was sick of restrictions, sick of the boundaries About to close the door Such a lack of conviction, no real connection What should I settle for? But you caught my attention, you built on the tension You left me wanting more Now I don’t know what to do with myself, doContinue reading “#MusicMonday”


Castle On The Hill by: Ed Sheeran When I was six years old I broke my leg I was running from my brother and his friends And tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass I rolled down I was younger then Take me back to when I found my heart and broke it hereContinue reading “#MusicMonday”


Blood by: In This Moment I hate you for the sacrifices you made for me I hate you for every time you ever bled for me I hate you for the way you smile when you look at me I hate you for never taking control of me I hate you for always saving meContinue reading “#MusicMonday”

Feel Good Friday

I was recently discussing a homework assignment with one of my best friends for her English class. The topic was something along the lines of a meaningful memory. Of course, she’s like Spotify without the commercials–everything is a song–so it was no surprise she chose ♫♪ Music ♪♫ for her essay. While we were hashingContinue reading “Feel Good Friday”

#MusicMonday on a Tuesday

  Angel Eyes by New Years Day ft. Chris Motionless (of Motionless In White) There’s something about you, I cannot explain I just want to know you I just wanna know your name It’s not what you said, Not the way you said it I’m under your spell and I don’t regret it Take myContinue reading “#MusicMonday on a Tuesday”

Dear Indie ♥ Weekly Resource Post

Whew! What an exciting week it’s been. So many things happening, changes going on with my publisher as well as my self-publishing – fortunately, they’re mostly good things. Or I should say, blessings in disguise. 😉 Last week I promised to share some non-mandatory options you can use for pre-marketing your book before the bigContinue reading “Dear Indie ♥ Weekly Resource Post”