The Wicked Web

Welcome to my new blog series, The Wicked Web, home to Free stories you can’t find anywhere else. Each story is broken down into short episodes. All of the material is mine and has never been edited by a professional. The links below will take you to each episode in order. Posts containing 18+ adult content won’t be published on my regular blog feed but will be added here with a notation.

Thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to leave comments or feedback in the comments below or on the posts, themselves. 🙂


Thief Of Dragons

Intro & Prologue   E2: Fire With Fire E3: New Kitty in Town • E4: Suspect • E5: Dog House • E6: Just Between Us Girls • E7: Winging It • E8: Bad Kitty! • E9: Decisions Decisions • E10: Treasure • E11: Closed For Business • E12: Inspiration • E13: Friends of Yours? • E14: Warden • E15: Perspective • E16: House Draea • E17: A way With Words • E18: The Power of Spirit • E19: Gentlemanly • E20: Intentions • E21: Rival • E22: Time-Share • E23: Surprises • E24: Intervention • E25: Ace in the Hole

Sensual Sentient

E1: Intro & Prologue • E2: Surprise • E3: Bad Jack • E4: If There Be Giants • E5: