A Long Hiatus

So, recently I’ve been more apt to grab a sketchpad to try and transfer my story-inspired ideas through charcoal (one of my favorite mediums) rather than ink, and it got me thinking:  When was the last time I did this?

Yep, those are the culprits.

I seriously cannot say.  There used to be a time when you couldn’t catch me without a sketchpad and pencil in my hands.  I would spend days upon days just drawing, coloring (color pencils, second favorite medium), attempting to paint, or scratching.  Yes, the black paper with the white underneath – those are fun!

It’s been years!  A very, very long hiatus from utilizing that once natural, creative outlet.  Is it any surprise, then, that I’m crumpling more paper in frustration than producing art?  I tell ya, I’ve seen stick figures with more depth than these damn things.  I feel like I’m back in seventh grade art class, staring at the teacher, going “But I can’t draw that way!  Whattaya mean turn it upside down?!”

Looks like I need to shake off the rust and get the old drawing skills oiled out, because I really want to return to the simple joy and relaxation of art.  It’s always been one of the most therapeutic things for me… when I’m not angrily stabbing the paper like my pencil can kill the ineptitude dead.  Bloody dead, in charcoal shavings.

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