Calling All Voters!

As smart-alecky as I can be sometimes – I gotta give the Instigator credit for coming up with some pretty awesome ideas… This one requires the help of all of you out there in the blogging community.  What I’m looking to propose is a popularity contest.  Over the next few days, I will post an excerpt from 4 different stories that I have in the works, and on the last post, I will attach a poll, so that everyone can vote for their favorite one.  I’ll leave the poll open for two weeks,  for I know people are busy traveling and visiting with family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Whichever excerpt has the most votes by December 7th will be the first story I finish and attempt to submit to a publisher!

What do you get out of it, you ask?  Well… the satisfaction of knowing that the story you want to read will be done before everyone else’s!  High-five, you!  Now, you can do the happy dance and be all “In your face, biotches!” – Okay, that probably isn’t a very good incentive.  Tell you what, I will answer one question (keep it nice, ya’ll) from everyone who voted for the winner – or I will write a blog-post about any subject you want (within reason), even if that means I’ll have to research my little bum off in order to do it.  Of course, I’m always open to other suggestions.  Thanks in advance to everyone who ends up participating, I really appreciate it!

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