It’s Show Time!

Lestat – Queen of the Damned

Seriously, I have a problem…

Damon – The Vampire Diaries
Vlad – Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Lucas Hood – Banshee


Eric Northman – True Blood

I can’t seem to stop rooting for the not-so-good-guys…

[Nic]Klaus – The Originals

…(Or the not-so-good-girls!)

Pam – True Blood

Wait a second… there isn’t a single ‘good’ person on Banshee, so I guess I’m rooting for the whole damn cast!

Rebecca, Job, Lucas, Carrie (aka Ana[stasia]) – Banshee
And of course I watch the Game of Thrones, but that cast is just confusing.  Everyone I started out hating, I now root for and everyone I used to root for is now dead… except two.

Hail Khaleesi!

Hail Ayra Stark!


*I do not own anything related to these shows or movies.  All rights are reserved by the actors, producers, studios, networks or agents, respectively*

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