Nate? Lara? Gaming Quiz Answers!

Welcome to week 2 of my gaming segment!  Here are the answers for last week’s quiz:

1. b) Emily RoseElenaFisherEmilyRose

2. d) None of the above – Pandora’s Box was found by our favorite sassy archaeologist in Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life the movie, starring Angelina Jolie and Gerard Butler, but has never been a relic in any of the games.Angelina&Gerard

3. a) Audrey Parker on Haven (a SyFy original based on Stephen King’s novel “The Colorado Kid”) – Nathan Wuornos is both her professional partner and the love of her many, endless lives!Haven1

4. c) Hephaestus, Atlas, Neptune, Damocles – Hephaestus replaced Thor in TR:Anniversary, thank goodness! Since one made lightning with a hammer and the other wielded a hammer to create storms, that was a far better choice than Zeus, as many have suggested – but, seriously guys?  Why are we still using Neptune rather than Poseidon?  I think Lara knows her Pantheons and would’ve noticed that, unlike her creators… TR-Atlas

5. c) SS – When Nate finally makes it to the remains of Karl Shäfer’s expedition, that is one of the first things he notices… along with the fact that they’d all been shot point-blank in the head.  Shäfer asks him if he can understand why he had to kill them, to keep that kind of power out of the hands of the Nazis…Shafer

6. b) Australia – I just think the game developer’s are having a hard time getting Lara to shoot Kangaroos, Koalas or Emu’s…but I agree, there are PLENTY of other EXTREMELY poisonous and deadly creatures to choose from down under.australia

7. c) Water – It was Charlie who went crazy, hallucinating from a poisoned dart, not Nate.  It’s not an official Bromance until you’ve had your first fist fight… awww…  Charlie&NateFight

8. a) Charles Darwin – The dead sailor had been a member of the famous Voyage of the HMS Beagle that had led Darwin to co-author the world’s introduction to the new theory of Evolution by Natural Selection with his peer Alfred Russell Wallace.darwin

9. d) None of the above – Sully and Nate first met in Colombia, where they were both after the same two relics belonging to Francis Drake.YoungNate1 YoungNate2

10. c) Zip, Alister, Winston vs. Hillary, Bryce, Kosa – I like Hillary as her butler/man-servant a lot better than Winston, who makes Bruce Wayne’s Alfred look like a spry 20 year old (and who gave me the creeps in the first 3 TR games!  The moaning and rattling of that tray, ugh!)  Bryce and Alister run equally lacking in the common sense department, but not so much in personal habits… The difference between Kosa and Zip are the largest, as Zip is a constant companion of Alister in the games and Lara’s major tech guy, whereas Kosa only appears in TR: The Cradle of Life for the last part of the movie and is more like an old acquaintance that will only be around if Lara has need of him.Zip,Winston,Alister Bryce&Hillary Kosa

Stick around fellow gamers, your new quiz will be up eventually…

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