I confess, I’m always on the look out for new British artists to fall in love with, but I wasn’t on the hunt when I found Anne-Marie. I love Sean Paul and hadn’t heard anything new from him in forever, so when I saw his name tagged to this music video by Clean Bandit, of course I had to watch it! The song, “Rockabye” also featured Anne-Marie, who’d I’d never heard of before and whom I never in a million years would’ve pegged as being British. She has a very Island sound and style – Bahamian, not British Isles.

A little research turned up that she wasn’t new to the music scene at all, but had done quite a bit with the English band, Rudimental, prior to going solo for a second time – and having it pay off in major ways. Along with all of her hit singles, she also toured with Ed Sheeran, so you can only imagine the kind of exposure that brought her. They have a list of behind the scenes videos from that tour that are definitely worth a watch – quite entertaining!

I couldn’t choose a video for this post, but instead found a live performance of Anne-Marie that covers three of my favorite songs by her – which is why I’ve included this preamble, rather than lyrics. I also included a hilarious video of her calling a list of fans who won a contest surrounding the release of her hit single, “Alarm.” Enjoy! 🙂

I do not own any rights to these videos, songs or lyrics. All rights remain with the artists and their respective agents. No copyright infringement intended.

♥ Fun little fact I just learned. My favorite song by Anne-Marie is “Karate” and according to Wikipedia, she has not only been practicing Shotokan since she was little, she’s won a handful of Gold and Silver medals in a few major Karate competitions. Talk about being multi-talented! #Respect


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  1. Cute! Love her spirit and sense of humor!

    And her voice ain’t bad, either!

    Another good heads up! 👍

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