Saturday Sass

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Favorite time of the week… oh, wait, that’s just about always! 😀

I know I’ve mentioned only a few hundred times, that I absolutely love nothing more than a book that can make me LOL for realz.  I try to incorporate that same humor into my own novels, but not everyone shares the same sense of humor.  My friends and I get it, even when others do not.  Perhaps what I only intend to be light humor, actually makes someone fall out of their chair.  I’m just happy to make people happy, whether that comes through in a smile or as the infectious laughter of my best friend, then I’m totally winning!

In an attempt to get back into the balance of blogging, I’m going to try to share something funny, snarky, smarmy or sassy every Saturday.  I’m also going to try to bring back my Triple Lyric Tuesdays… we’ll see how it goes.  Here’s a favorite piece of banter between my beloved Matron City boys from The Zen Lounge:

“Gryph, there’s a lady present, so please mind the adjectives,” Voryk smiled. “I take it you’re still en route from whatever planet you’ve been bar-hopping on?”

“Bars,” Gryph smirked roughly. “I’ve got your bars all right. Bars of Geiloflex and bars of cold, hard brass, neither one of them ready to budge.”

“Ah, Mars it is,” Hilo grinned.

“That you, Mehnce?” Gryph asked, followed by another loud hiss of static. “Eh… bi… cah… JUST HIT THE FUCKING SATELLITE ALREADY!”

“Rough day at the office, dear?” Hilo asked, amused.

“I’ve got red dust seeping out of my pores, you lousy leech and a transjet pilot who seems to think pre-atmospheric turbulence is freaking hilarious!” Gryph spat gruffly. “When was the last time you did a stint at I-PAM?”

“Hey, I paid those parking tickets,” Hilo grinned.

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