Yeah, I went there and now everyone’s thinking about Shrek… Come on, admit it. LOL Okay, so assuming I’m not here talking to myself and still have people who might be interested, I have obviously started construction on my website. It will be undergoing some gradual changes over the following months. With any luck, itContinue reading “Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes…”

Confessions of a Hybrid Author | It’s Not a Quantum Leap, But…

It’s fascinating to me that so many authors start with a story, and that story becomes their first finished rough draft and then, their first published book–no matter how long it takes them to accomplish each of those stages. That is not how my writing journey started. The first rough draft I ever finished tookContinue reading “Confessions of a Hybrid Author | It’s Not a Quantum Leap, But…”

#CoverReveal ♥ Hexed (Hell on Earth, Bk 4)

How about a surprise cover reveal? That’s code for: nothing I wanted for the launch of this book has gone according to plan, on top of being super delayed, I now already have the cover up on both Amazon and Goodreads, so…surprise! LOL Eh, we do what we can, right? The artists over at DerangedContinue reading “#CoverReveal ♥ Hexed (Hell on Earth, Bk 4)”

#WeeklyWritables ♥ Self-Inflicted

Self-Inflicted Henley sat at a small, window-side table in McCallan Point’s only café and glared at the screen of his laptop. The reports staring back at him couldn’t be right. He would’ve sworn he’d dumped far more money into his offshore account than that. Just in case. Fuck, this was his just in case, andContinue reading “#WeeklyWritables ♥ Self-Inflicted”

Sensual Sentient ♥ Episode 5

Some Like It Hot Satisfied that Barnes’s grunts would have their camp up and running in no time, Sida led her crew into the jungle surrounding the World Opening. “Shouldn’t take long to find running water in this environment,” Blake noted. That was always their first objective. It was the fastest way to find civilization,Continue reading “Sensual Sentient ♥ Episode 5”

#CoverReveal & Pre-Order 🌴Scavenger!

Scavenger (Dark Day Isle, The Ultimate Kink Resort #2) A.C. Melody Full length / Erotic Romance #BDSM #Kink #Fetish #PetPlay #Spanking #Paradise It’s day two of the exclusive getaway on Dark Day Isle, and Felix’s smoldering lust isn’t the only thing to greet Tessa come morning. A list of challenges awaits her; finding the courageContinue reading “#CoverReveal & Pre-Order 🌴Scavenger!”

One Too Many ♥ Release Day Blitz!

  Title: One Too Many  Author: Jade West  Genre: Contemporary Romance            From USA Today Bestselling Author, Jade West      A filthy proposition.     Too much money to say no.     One dirty night in a stranger’s bed.         While my husband watches.    Continue reading “One Too Many ♥ Release Day Blitz!”

FREE eBook ♥ Forbidden Daddy!

★ ★ ★ ★ FREE  ★ ★ ★ ★  Please check prices before clicking might not be free for some just yet but do continue to keep checking!  Title: Forbidden Daddy Author: Kira Blakely Get it here Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon AU: Kobo: B&N: Ibooks: Synopsis A gold letter, wrapper in diamonds, addressed to me. “You are cordially invited toContinue reading “FREE eBook ♥ Forbidden Daddy!”

Forbidden: The Complete Series ♥ Cover Reveal!

  Title: Forbidden ( The Complete Series )  Author: Kira Blakely Genre: Erotic Romance              Four forbidden novellas. One billionaire secret island. Masks required.  “You are cordially invited to Mystique Island.”  Forbidden Daddy The masquerade ball is where I find the most familiar eyes. They remind me of the sexiestContinue reading “Forbidden: The Complete Series ♥ Cover Reveal!”

Savage ♥ Blog Tour!

Title: Savage  Author: Kira Blakely  Genre: Contemporary Romance          I need her to play wife. She needs me to play daddy. Olivia is torture in a Gucci dress. Spoiled and sassy. Everything I hate, and everything I love.She’s also my late best friend’s sister and guardian to his daughter.She’s going to help me cleanContinue reading “Savage ♥ Blog Tour!”